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Excitement in the Kindergarten

As the gates opened into the Kindergarten on the first day of term, the children were welcomed by a new and exciting playground. This playground provides a sense of adventure and new challenges for the children. The design of this playground has been well thought out and planned for collaboratively by many. This new environment is loaded with developmental benefits that promote children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

It has been fantastic to see all the hard work and careful planning put into action as the children explored the playground, took risks, role played and worked collaboratively with their classmates.

Here is what some of the children had to share about their new playground

“I love the boat” Charlotte
“I like to pull myself up on the pull thing” Ethan
“I liked the pictures on the side of the playground” Skyla
“I like to ring the bell on the train” Jacob

We look forward to the seeing the children grow and develop in strength and confidence. What a wonderful way to start the term.

Come and visit Kristin

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