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High in the Sky

On Friday 19 May, Year 7 and 8 went to electives in our groups. My group to Rocket Ropes. We hopped on to the bus and rode the 50 minute bus ride to Butterfly Creek. Once we arrived, we seated ourselves underneath the shelter and ate our morning tea. The safety talk and gearing up was next. The staff helped us get into the harnesses and led us outside to the practice course. Some people struggled clipping and unclipping, some found it easy.

After everyone completed the practice course we had to make the big decision, Rocket Tower or Croc Tower. I choose the Croc Tower, it was three levels high with a range of different challenges that I had to climb, through, over and around. After lunch, we had the choice to go on the Big Zip! The Big Zip is a two part zip line that you clip onto, zip across, climb up and then zip back again!

It was a fun and challenging day where we all made new friends.

By Jacqui Tsui

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