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Little Doves – Progress with Vision, Integrity & Love

If ever Kristin’s motto was evident, it is especially now as the walls go up around Little Doves, a premium care and early-childhood education centre set among Kristin’s established 16-hectare school grounds.

Set to open in April 2018, Little Doves will be a place where a child’s innate learning will be enriched by the stunning natural environment and nurturing, attentive people with whom they will interact. Building on our school’s optimistic vision to recognise and nurture each child’s individual talents, Little Doves aspires to support parents in helping our children to become the happiest and most successful they can be.

Professional, caring teachers will nurture children from six months old through the important stages of their early development culminating in a seamless transition into our well-established Kindergarten at the age of four. Here they will encounter a programme that continues to feed their natural curiosity while preparing them for success at school - whether that is here at Kristin, or elsewhere.

We at Kristin know that 80% of brain development happens during the first few years of life, and that infants, toddlers and young children absorb massive amounts of information from their surrounds. So, Little Doves will be a rich and stimulating space that respects the child, maximises love and minimises stress.

Architects Collingridge And Smith designed Little Doves to incorporate plenty of natural light and ventilation, a wide verandah and underfloor heating. Glass doors and sash windows allow the users of each room to feel connected to the expansive outdoor area featuring a pint-sized journey around New Zealand, complete with a farm zone, ‘main street’ of shops, and lush landscaping by Natural Habitats. Lead Designer Mark Read relished the opportunity to create such a large space for children to explore through movement and play.

Sarah Jones has recently been appointed as the Little Doves Centre Manager. Sarah’s passion for engaging with children and their learning, her commitment to inspiring and guiding teachers, and her incredible empathy with young ones and their families make her a worthy addition to the Kristin team that will realise Little Doves.

Sarah’s reputation as a professional early childhood educator precedes her. Her career includes teaching at the highly-regarded Tots Corner, Northcote, before being asked to establish and lead the teaching and learning programme at Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre. She is an active member of Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand and also tutors for the early-childhood-related courses in the Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts programmes at the University of Auckland.

Foundation team leaders have also been appointed with Mieke Lyons (Infants and Walkers), Raewyn Simpson (Toddlers) and Hailee Collins (Pre-Kindergarten) all excited to be involved in realising this innovative early learning centre from the start.

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