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Meerkats at The Zoo

Last Wednesday, the Year 1 students visited Auckland Zoo as part of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. The class learned about many different animals’ features and how they have adapted to their habitats. Here are some reflections from our trip:

Yesterday we went to the zoo. We went on the bendy bus. I learned that meerkats live in tunnels. If you see a meerkat, there will always be another one on duty looking out for danger. By Jack

Yesterday our class went to the zoo on the school bus. I sat next to Yunie. I saw a kakariki kea. I saw one black and white penguin sleeping under a rock. Harry, Mitchell and Yunie were in my group. I loved the zoo. I want to go again! By Elisha

On Wednesday, 1C, 1B, 1P and 1S all went to the zoo on the bendy bus. There were some zookeepers called John and Frazer. We went in the meerkat tunnels. We learned that there is always a meerkat on duty, like the duty teacher at Kristin. We saw seals diving in the water and a hungry tiger. He was so close to the glass! By Mia

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