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Our Year 0 Trip to Stardome

We had an exciting outing to Stardome last week. It was a long way to the venue, but we were lucky as our driver could use the bus lane on the motorway. We zoomed past all the cars that were stuck in a traffic jam.

On arrival, we had our morning tea and then we had a classroom session on the Earth, Sun and Moon. We learnt that the Sun has solar flares, like big explosions and that the Sun is a star. The teacher used three children to dramatise being the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. The Earth had to rotate around the Sun, while the Moon rotated around the Earth at the same time! Next, we went on a fun fact finding quiz on iPads in the Space Gallery in our groups and looked at lots of interesting displays.

Lastly, we had a Night Sky presentation in the planetarium. It was amazing to lie back in our seats and see the stars, planets and constellations that you can view from Auckland. Our visit ended with a show called 'Tycho to the Moon'. Tycho was a dog whose kennel turned into a spaceship and flew to the Moon. There was less gravity on the Moon, so Tycho took big jumps on the Moon. We arrived back in time for lunch, filled with our new-found knowledge.

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