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Year 4 Visit Sky Tower

On Tuesday the Year 4 children brought their Inquiry into ‘Places’ to a close with a visit to the Sky Tower in Central Auckland.
The tour began with a selection of videos showing how Auckland had changed over the years, how the land was once used, that Auckland used to be the capital city of New Zealand and plenty of interesting facts about the history and building of the Sky Tower.

Then we were taken up 51 floors to the Observation Deck in a glass fronted lift and, travelling at 18km per hour, it only took 40 seconds!
Spending time looking out the 360 degrees of Auckland we were able to pick out places we had had visited with family and the school.

Finally we walked down 6 floors in a secret staircase to the ‘Refuge’ Level. Here we were told that if there was a safety issue in The Sky Tower, this is where we would be taken to be kept safe.

Here are some of our thoughts about our visit.

"I thought the Fire Levels were interesting because we learnt that when fire-fighters run up the stairs they use these levels as Resuscitation areas." Corban

"I loved The Sky Tower elevator because it felt like you were flying." Jenny

"I think the most exciting part of The Sky Tower was the glass floor on the Observation Deck because when I stood on it I was full of adrenaline." Jake

"I wondered about the history of The Sky Tower and thought it would be amazing to find out." Kennedy

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