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Thousands of Kristin students have gone on to work and study in a vast array of industries, specialities and emerging fields after first building their foundation at Kristin.

Our 46-year history puts us in a unique position where we are fortunate to maintain strong personal connections with the school’s founding families and their values. This enables a culture of family so when past students return to Kristin, it is like coming home.

We are very proud of our alumni network – 10,000-strong – made up of the thinkers, makers, doers and leaders of today and tomorrow.

Inspiring Role Models

Meet some of our Kristin Alumni who are making their mark on the world:

Alumni at Kristin

As a Kristin parent you can be confident that your child is benefiting from the knowledge, support and guidance of those who have been before.

Our alumni often feature in everyday life at Kristin; as inspirational speakers at school events, as coaches and managers of co-curricular clubs and teams, or by making classroom visits to share their personal insight and professional expertise as it relates to curriculum subjects.

Advice and mentoring is available for students looking at future study options, with a growing database of Kristin Alumni signing up to help current families who are considering particular tertiary pathways, international destinations or industries.

Belonging to Kristin Alumni

Every Kristin student joins our alumni network when they depart the school; whether they do so at Year 13 or part-way through their schooling, no matter how many years they have attended the school.

Our busy and active alumni programme enables and encourages professional and social networking with events catering to the age, stage and interests of our many alumni groups. Our programme reaches across New Zealand and the globe, with regular events in Australia, Asia, UK, USA and anywhere in-between.

Opportunities to engage with service initiatives through the school’s Service Learning projects enables a continuation of the principles established at Kristin, while the alumni mentoring programme provides avenues to give back and offer direct support to other Kristin students and families.

Alumni Families

Some of the strongest friendships in life are formed at school. This is as true for parents and families as it is for students, and our alumni programme includes events designed to help you maintain social connections long after your children have left school.

Alumni?  Like to reconnect?

Since the early days of 1973, thousands of students have donned their Kristin uniforms, attended classes, sat exams and been the heart of this school. Whether you were here for one year or 13, you have been as responsible for determining the success of Kristin as have the teachers, principals and school leaders.
The Kristin School we know today has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Campbells Bay, and its success is due to the many individuals who have given their time and energy to share their vision of what this school could be.

In recent years, it has been a priority of our Advancement team to strengthen our Kristin Alumni programmes to provide a growing platform on which past students can reconnect with Kristin and with each other. We have a dedicated Alumni Manager to develop and deliver an exciting range of events and initiatives for our Alumni community.

Your Peer Year refers to the year you were or would have been Year 13 / Form 7. We use this to identify the groups for year-group reunions. It doesn't matter if you didn't stay at Kristin until the end of your schooling, you'll still use your peer year to identify your peer group. For example the Peer Year for a student who left Kristin in 1995 from Year 10 / Form 4, would actually be 1998.

Kristin Alumni are encouraged to stay connected via our Kristin Alumni Facebook page and our Kristin Alumni LinkedIn network. Events and reunions are regularly organised and advertised through these avenues.

In every issue of Kaleidoscope we share stories of what our past students are up to and where they are going. If you would like to contribute a story to the magazine simply email our Alumni Manager. We'd love to hear from you.

If your details have changed since we last were in contact, please update your details using our Keep in Touch form.

Come and visit Kristin

Step inside our gates and see for yourself what makes Kristin so unique. We invite you to take a tour and observe a typical school day. Take the opportunity to engage personally with student guides and staff.